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Our Story

Our founder and CEO, Timothy Santika, used to face a frequent dilemma:

By the time he’d end his workday late in the evening, most food places would already be closed and he’d often have no choice but to skip dinner altogether.

When he caught a whiff of his neighbour’s cooking one evening, he wondered, “Why can’t I just buy food from them?”

As this question started to play in his mind, he dived deeper into it and started pitching to his friends. Some of them found it intriguing as this could potentially transform any households worldwide into unique dining experiences!

They joined his team, and thus, Frea journey began.

Our Values

Authentic Food

To satisfy your cravings for authentic cuisines from your hometown.

Unique Experience

To deliver unique dining experience with the locals.

Share Your Story

For home cooks, share your cooking journey to nurture closer relationship with your customers!

Our Services


Taste different varieties of home-cooked food from various cultures.


Join delicious pre-orders from talented home cooks around you.

Private Dining

(Coming Soon)

Experience dining with local home cooks in a private setting, wherever you are!

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