5 Food Trends in 2021

Every year is marked by signature foods that win the hearts of many. This is no exception for 2021 as many dishes have taken a surge this year. Below are some dishes that you can expect to see in home kitchens.

Filipino Cuisine

The Philippines cuisine is gaining a lot of traction both at home and in restaurants. Filipino cuisine combines American, Asian, Latin and island culinary to give a unique taste. Not is this dish popular in the Philippines and the United States but has also become popular in the UK.

One Filipino food that is trending is the Filipino BBQ that comprises of pork skewers marinated in garlic, soy, chilies, sugar and banana ketchup. Most of these dishes like the Chicken Adobo and Caldereta are gluten-free.

Korean Food

Korean cuisine has also been poised to be one of the trending foods for 2020. This is probably because dishes like the Kimchi is a great source of probiotics. This fermented food has a surge among people who are after probiotic-rich dishes.

Plant-based Proteins

With more people becoming environmentally conscious, it is not surprising to see plant-based proteins like Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat trending. Most people are now switching to plant-based dishes, even if its just for a day.

Compared to the standard dishes, plant-based proteins are considered more sustainable. Basically, plant-based burgers are made from grains, legumes, seeds, nuts and 100% vegetables. However, they do not offer better health benefits because the ingredients are still processed.


Mushrooms have become a versatile dish that has won the hearts of many in 2021. This is because they are a great alternative to meat and are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. Mushrooms are also packed with a compound known as adaptogen, which offers protection to the body against various stresses.

Indian Cuisine

If you love Indian curry, this is the perfect time to try traditional Indian dishes. These dishes include ingredients like lentils, turmeric, chickpeas, kales, and spinach. Plus, most are gluten-free and go well with vegan and vegetarian diets.

These are just some of the many food trends that you will continue to see in 2021. Try these dishes today to stimulate your taste buds and make your year exhilarating.

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