Home-cooking Trend in Younger Generation

Once Circuit Breaker was announced, considering the COVID-19 situation, Singaporeans’ eating preferences were all of a sudden much more obvious. ‘Delivery’ rolls off the tongue of thousands of Singaporeans and cooking at home seemed to take a backseat.

That isn’t unexpected. Food courts, hawker centres, and fast food restaurants are aplenty, and many have even gone digital, opening online stalls on popular food delivery platforms. Younger Singaporeans in particular didn’t seem fascinated by the prospect of cooking their own meals. One of the biggest reasons you’ll hear out there is inconvenience

What could the lengthy process of grocery shopping, preparing, cooking, and serving homemade meals have over a tap of a button? They want it fast and want it now. The worth of cooking seemed to have dropped over the years. Millennials and the younger generation are one of the most frequent users of delivery services, wanting something to soothe late night hunger pangs. Many used to view cooking as a chore rather than a skill or hobby, not an extremely productive activity, nor as something that is fun to do (of course, there are some exceptions!).

However, in the face of Covid-19 situation, things have changed. As more activities are banned and stay-home practices are being strongly enforced, people are slowly turning to a whole variety of different activities to keep themselves occupied. There’s a reason why baking tools and ingredients are often sold out these days; cooking and baking are one of the most popular past times Singaporeans have indulged in.

Anyone can start cooking their favourite dishes with a little Googling and buckling down in the kitchen. If you’re one of the eager ones who’s turned into a chef over the quarantine period, you could use Frea to deliver your delicious meals to all Singaporeans. Or if you’re interested in a taste of something different from your usual delivery services, Frea is here to give you fresh, unique flavours from dedicated cooks! Stay tuned for more insights on cooking and starting a business right in the comfort of your home!

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