Is Home-cooking Here to Stay?

After months of quarantine, we’ve gotten used to life at home, from the unavoidable chatter of your family members next door, to playing with virtual backgrounds for endless zoom meetings, to picking up hobbies and skills with all that extra free time. As for us, we’ve gladly indulged in cooking up a storm in the kitchen (with the occasional mess)! If you’ve done the same, you might be wondering, will I still have time to cook after all this?

What if we told you that you can get home-cooked food without the hassle? With Frea, you can easily snap up home-cooked meals by home cooks from all walks of life. You’ll find that these meals are way better for a couple of reasons.

Sense Of Warmth

We’ve all pined for a good warm bowl of mum’s cooking at some point. Even though you managed to get your fix during quarantine, it can be difficult to find time once we’re all going back to work or school. If you want both the touch of homeliness and convenience, homemade meals are your go-to!

Healthier Choices

If you are what you eat, you don’t want to become a walking mess. Cooking is usually healthier as you get to control what goes into your meals. Even if you don’t have time to cook, you can easily chat with hosts to get a better idea of what you’re getting way before you even order. For health nuts out there, you might be able to count your calories and find out what makes up your meal early on to make choosing your meals easier.

Connect With Other Foodies

Always looking for the newest cuisine in town? Eager to share your new food findings with friends? You can indulge in both when you eat home-cooked meals from a host! Whether it’s discovering hosts who love innovating new dishes or bringing the best out of traditional ones, you’re sure to delight your tastebuds (and maybe a fellow foodie to chat latest trends in food with)!

We think home-cooked meals will pave the way for a refreshing and unique dining experience, long after the dust from COVID-19 has settled. Frea offers the best home-cooked meals by passionate cooks, delivering a touch of warmth to every customer. If you any of those reasons resonate within you, come join us and get tasting!

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