Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I cook? 

It depends. You can decide your own schedule, servings, and the prices of the meal. You can also choose who can 'dine in' with you. However, if you want to earn substantial income, our estimate is to serve a minimum 60 servings/month.

How does Frea make money?

Frea takes a 15% commission fee on each transaction, with plenty of cashback rewards that lower the commission even further to 7%! The commission covers services such as credit card processing expenses, marketing expenses, and operational expenses for running our platform. 

As Frea is also a social enterprise, sellers from underprivileged, low-income, and/or vulnerable communities enjoy a 0% commission to sell food on our platform (subject to approval). Do contact us for more information on this.

Who is eligible to sign-up as host? 

Anyone who holds a valid pass to live in Singapore (not a tourist visa) and is above 21 years of age is eligible to sign-up as a host.

I have never opened a restaurant before, any tips? 

Tip number 1, list 2-3 of the best dishes you can prepare easily. This measures your capacity on how many orders you can fulfill in a day. We do not want our hosts to get overwhelmed with orders and keep rejecting new orders, as it will also lower your rating. 

Tip number 2, we encourage our hosts to have a unique menu that is not commonly found in hawker centers/food courts or to list simple but healthy food. This will increase your chance of getting customers. 

The last tip, be friendly to your customers. Who knows they will become your next regular customers!

Do I need to take any certification to open a home-based business?

As of 19 June 2020, all home-based businesses will be allowed to resume, without the need of any certification. However, there are certain guidelines that you still have to adhere to, and ensure all activities should not materially affect the use of the premises as a residential unit and shall not cause disturbance to the neighbors or other residents in the neighborhood.

Please refer to the following link for more information -

Who will be responsible if my food cause any unwanted illnesses to the customers?

The host will be responsible if the food is consumed by the customer within 4 hours of preparation. If the food is consumed longer than 4 hours by the customer, the host will no longer be responsible.

In the future, we will incur a small fee from our host, which will be used to ensure both the host and customers. In this case, any illnesses occurred will be our responsibility. We strongly advise you to attend SFA's Basic Food Hygiene Course if you plan to do this full-time, as the course will teach you all the best practices on how to prepare food for customers.

I do not want to attend the course, but I still want to know the best practice. Is it possible?

Please email us at, and we will send you a list of best practices your email.